Terms & Conditions herein, together with other documents further set out by the Company related to AWC membership, this Platform membership, as amended or supplemented from time to time, shall constitute of an agreement between you and the Company.

Terms & Conditions for AWC Platform ("Terms & Conditions")

T.C.C. Commercial Property Management Company Limited and/or its affiliates (“AWC”, the "Company") has created AWC Platform, including websites, websites for mobile devices or mobile platform (“Platform”) to be the channel of contact and communication between the Company and its service users who are members of AWC ("Member(s)"), including provision of services for the Members, such as checking remaining points and points that will expire, updating a Member's personal data, and including other purposes to be later determined by the Company.

The Platform users ("User", "Users", "you" or "your") have read and accept that the Users will be bound by the Terms & Conditions specified in the Platform. Users are requested to study the following Terms & Conditions thoroughly and carefully before doing any transaction on the Platform. If you do any transaction on the Platform, it must be deemed that you accept and agree to comply with these Terms & Conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, please stop doing any transactions on the Platform. The Company has the right to correct, change or cancel these Terms & Conditions and/or any other agreements on the Platform without prior notice to Users.

The scope of Platform usage and general conditions

1. I hereby request the Company to accept the Platform for me to be a Member until the Company cancel my membership.

2. I hereby agree and consent that the Company may collect, use and disclose my personal data e.g., first name and surname, contact data, data on the Thai national ID card and/or passport and other Platform usage data to entities under AWC, affiliates, related entities, alliances and/or other entities ("Other Parties") for the purposes of applying for my membership, registering for using Platform, notifying me of information, including offers of goods and/or services that I may be interested in.

3. The Company reserves the right only for Members who have registered as Platform members to check remaining points and points that will expire, to update a Member's personal data, to check the Company's and/or its business partners' promotional campaigns and for other purposes to be later determined by the Company.

4. The User agrees and acknowledges that the Company does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of content on the Platform and does not warrant that the Platform is virus-free or free from other things that may affect your mobile device.

5. Before conducting any act via the Platform, the User must check his/her name and family name, Member number and the remaining accumulated points that appear in the Platform and in the e-mail sent to you to the e-mail address or other personal information used for communication specified by you after doing any transaction via the Platform every time.

6. The User must check the conditions for rights and privileges, including participation in the activities on the Platform before receiving the rights and privileges and being able to participate in the activities via the Platform.

7. The e-mail or other personal information used for communication sent to you to the e-mail address specified by you is deemed as the evidence for doing transactions related to the Platform.

8. Each time the Platform is used, it is deemed that the User knows of these Terms & Conditions, including any amendments thereof which are fully effective at that time, and agrees to comply with those Terms & Conditions and any amendments thereof in all respects.

9. The Platform contains advertisement, hyperlinks or deep link to websites or applications of third parties, including but not limited to link to platforms, websites or applications of companies of AWC, affiliates, related companies or trade allies and/or any companies which are under conditions on data usage. Platforms, websites or applications of such third parties shall not be deemed a part of the Company’s platform and not be under control or responsibility of the Company when the User links to such platforms, websites or applications.

When the User leaves the Platform of the Company and continues to proceed at the User’s own risk. The Company do not guarantee the accuracy and credibility of the information specified on third parties’ websites and the Company hereby denies all responsibility against loss or damage suffered by the User arising from referring to messages which exist or not exist on the Platform, websites or application of the third parties.

Showing of advertisement is not considered expression of approval or recommendation from the Company.

10. If there is a reasonable cause, the Company may suspend or cancel the provision of service, including changing the list of trade promotions via the Platform without any announcement or prior notice.

Membership type/Privileges/Fees

Members acknowledges and agrees that privileges, programs, facilities, and other details shall vary from time to time without prior notice to Members and shall be as specified in the Platform

AWC Trademark Use & Conditions

1. AWC is the owner of the Marks (as hereinafter defined) and AWC does not allow any User to use the Marks in any way. “Marks” shall include the name “Asset World Corporation,” the abbreviation “AWC” and any and all related designs and logos and any modifications or derivations thereof.

2. User acknowledges and agrees that AWC is the sole owner of the Marks and User is estopped from claiming any ownership rights in the Marks or otherwise use any trademarks or service marks that are the same or similar to the Marks.

The Member's personal data

1. User agrees and consents that all personal data provided herein and all information arising from the Platform is the property of the Company.

2. User acknowledges that all the data provided to the Company on the Platform are true and complete. Specifically, the User also acknowledges that his/her mobile number or personal email is valid at the time of providing the data.

3. Member can update his/her personal data via the Platform.

4. Member undertakes that in case of any changes made on his/her personal data, the Member will keep his/her personal data up-to-date at all times

Revision and effective as of June 15, 2020